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Professional Membership
This is a 12-month membership
This membership is for individuals only

The Chamber shall have the power to offer Professional Membership to persons whose interests, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, coincide with the interests of the British business community in Korea and who are resident in the Republic of Korea and employed there by firms, companies and corporate bodies which do not qualify as Corporate Members. Professional Members shall not be entitled to vote at any meeting of the Chamber nor to service on any committee.

Standard membership benefits

· Access to BCCK membership directory (including contact details of members)

· Events: Access to BCCK member-only events

· Advocacy: General advocacy advice

프로페셔널 멤버십은 기업 회원 자격이 없는 회사, 회사 및 법인단체에 고용된 사람들에게 제공하는 멤버십입니다.  프로페셔널 멤버십 혜택은 코포레이트 멤버십과 동일하나, 투표할 권리가 없으며 BCCK 위원회로 활동할 수 없습니다.

프로페셔널 회원 혜택

· BCCK 멤버쉽 디렉토리(멤버의 연락처 정보 포함)에 대한 액세스

· 이벤트: BCCK 회원 전용 이벤트 액세스

· 애드보커시: 일반적인 애드보커시 / 정책 조언

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